Trophy Of Grace Award Recepients

Since 2007 the Free Grace Alliance has presented an annual award to honor faithful leaders who have championed the Gospel of grace in their sphere of influence and have done so in a firm but gracious manner. The award is presented each year at the annual FGA National Conference.

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Charlie Bing

2018 Trophy Of Grace Award recipient Dr. Charlie Bing served 25 years in pastoral ministry during which he founded GraceLife Ministries (, which he now serves full time. Charlie has Th.M. and Ph.D. degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary. He also helped found the Free Grace Alliance and served as its president from 2006-2009. With a pastor’s heart and perspective he travels the USA and the world sharing the message of grace with non-Christians, Christians, and ministry leaders. Besides writing many articles, he has authored several books including Lordship Salvation, Grace,Salvation & Discipleship-How to Understand Some Difficult Bible Passages and Simply by Grace-An Introduction to God’s Life-Changing Gift and contributed to others.


Dave Anderson

2017 Trophy of Grace Award Recipient Dr. Dave Anderson is the founder and president of Grace School of Theology in the Woodlands, Texas.  He and his wife,Betty, have pastored in the Houston area for thirty years and have helped to plant ten churches. He founded and served as the Senior Pastor at Faith Bible Church in The Woodlands, Texas, for eighteen years. During that time, he also served as an Adjunct Professor for Dallas Theological Seminary, teaching in three different departments (Greek New Testament, Bible Exposition, and Theology). He has been an Adjunct Professor for Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary and taught graduate courses in several other foreign countries. Dr. Anderson is the founder and former president of the Greater Houston Bible Church Association, which is a cooperative effort of churches to reach Greater Houston with the gospel. He is also one of the founders of the Free Grace Alliance whose mission is to connect, encourage, equip and lead the body of Christ to advance the grace message throughout the world.

As a prolific writer and author, church planter, Bible and biblical language scholar and professor, disciple maker, and ministry visionary, Dr. Anderson is a man of God whose message and ministry inspires, challenges, and changes lives.


Fred Chay

2016 Trophy of Grace Recipient Dr. Fred Chay is the Founder and President of Grace Line, a ministry dedicated to motivating Christians toward spiritual maturity. Dr. Chay is Professor of Theology and Dean of the Doctoral Studies program at Grace School of Theology. He is also the managing editor of Grace Theology Press. Before joining Grace School of Theology Dr. Chay was a professor of Theological Studies and Hermeneutics at Phoenix Seminary for twenty-one years, as well as the director of the Doctor of Ministry program. Additionally he has served as an adjunct professor at other academic institutions, teaching Ethics and Theology. Fred has been speaking, teaching and writing on theological topics concerning Free Grace theology and spiritual formation for over 35 years. He spent many years as a pastor and has served as the Western Director of the Christian Medical Association, where he taught and wrote on medical ethics and spiritual formation. He served as the president and executive director of the Free Grace Alliance from 2009 - 2013. He is the author of The Faith That Saves The Nature of Faith in the New Testament, Suffering Successfully-A Biblical Perspective, The Glorious Grace of God Understanding Free Grace Theology, and Legalism is Lethal in the Spiritual Life. He also is co-author of “Medical Ethics” and “Suicide-A Christian Response.”


Joe Wall

2015 Trophy of Grace Recipient Dr. Joe Wall has pastored several churches in Texas, including Grace Bible Church of College Station, Spring Branch Community Church (renamed Bridgepoint Bible Church), and Cypress Bible Church. He has also served as the Academic Dean of Dallas Bible College, President of Colorado Christian University, and was a part of the founding team of the College of Biblical Studies in Houston. For the past twenty years, he has served in numerous leadership positions with East-West Ministries International, including Executive Vice President of Field Ministries and Vice President of Training.  Dr. Wall is also the author of three books: Bob Thieme’s Teachings on Christian Living (Church Multiplication, Inc., 1978), Going for the Gold, Bible Study Edition (Grace Theology Press, 2015—originally published by Moody Press in 1991, and Effective Church Growth Strategies, (Word Publishing, 2000) which he co-authored with Dr. Gene Getz. He is the Director of Masters Programs & Professor of Systematic Theology at Grace School of Theology.


Dick Seymour

2014 Trophy of Grace Recipient Dick Seymour is the founder/director of Clarity Ministries International, whose purpose is to get God's truth to as many people as possible through literature, meetings, tapes, and through any other God-honoring means which may be available. Clarity Ministries especially concentrates on the truths of the Gospel of God's matchless grace, the Christian life as God intended it to be lived, and upon key doctrines of Scripture that impact the vitality and effectiveness of God's people. Over the years, Dick has been involved in a variety of Christian ministries. He has served on the Board of Trustees of two Bible colleges. He has also been a full-time professor of Bible and Theology and served at various times as a Registrar, Dean of Men, Academic Dean, Dean of the College, and President.


R. Larry Moyer

2013 Trophy of Grace Recipient R. Larry Moyer is the Founder, President, and CEO of EvanTell, a ministry committed to studying the Scriptures carefully and presenting the gospel clearly. Dr. Moyer is an evangelistic speaker around the globe. He is a regular guest lecturer in evangelism at Word of Life Bible Institute in New York and Florida and visiting professor at Dallas Theological Seminary. He is known for his ability to express his thoughts in a clear, interesting, and relevant manner in speaking and writing. He has authored the books, Free and ClearShow Me How To Share The Gospel, Show Me How To Answer Tough Questions, 31 Days with the Master Fisherman, 31 Days to Living as a New Believer, and 21 Things God Never Said.  He has also authored several tracts on evangelism for believers as well as several designed for non-Christians and coauthored a discipleship program entitled Growing in the Family.


Roy B. Zuck

2012 Trophy of Grace Recipient Roy B. Zuck was Senior Professor Emeritus of Bible Exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary, where he taught for twenty-three years, including seven years as Vice President for Academic Affairs. He was editor of Bibliotheca Sacra and co-editor of the widely acclaimed two-volume Bible Knowledge Commentary. He has written or edited more than seventy books on Christian education and biblical and theological topics. His books include Teaching as Paul TaughtSpirit-Filled Teaching, and Basic Bible Interpretation.

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Trevor McIlwain

2011 Trophy of Grace Award Winner Trevor McIlwain is an author, speaker and international coordinator for church planting and evangelism with New Tribes Mission. Trevor developed a method of communicating the gospel by teaching the way God has dealt with mankind throughout history. This chronological approach to sharing the Gospel has proven to be a very successful methodology now widedly used in evangelism and church planting through his book series Building on Firm Foundations.


Renald Showers

2010 Trophy of Grace Recipient Bible teacher and conference speaker for the Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry; previously taught at Philadelphia College of the Bible; has authored numerous books such as The New Nature, There Really Is a Differance (A Comparison of Covenant and Dispensational Theologies), Maranatha - Our Lord Comes; etc. along with many articles in the magazine, Israel My Glory.

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Art Rorheim

2009 Trophy of Grace Recipient Co-founder and former President of the children's ministry, AWANA, which has been used by the Lord to impact thousands of children for Christ around the world.

Dr. Charles Ryrie Trophy of Grace Award.jpg

Dr. Charles Ryrie

2008 Trophy of Grace Award Winner Theologian and author, former President of Philadelphia College of the Bible, served as Professor of Systematic Theology and Dean of Doctoral Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, and editor of the Ryrie Study Bible. Books written include Dispensationalism, So Great Salvation, and Basic Theology.

Lewis Sperry Chafer Trophy of Grace Award.jpg

Lewis Sperry Chafer

2007 Trophy of Grace Recipient Founder and the first President of Dallas Theological Seminary, author of numerous books including Salvation, Grace, True Evangelism, He That Is Spiritual, and Systematic Theology.