Journal of the Free Grace Alliance

Submissions Are Now Being Accepted

Editing Team

Chief Editor: Grant Hawley

Editors: Dr. David Allen, Dr. Thomas Baurain, Dr. Charles Bing, Lavern Brown, Dr. Michael Makidon, Bob Nyberg

What to Submit and Where to Submit It

The Journal of the Free Grace Alliance gladly accepts abstracts alone and manuscripts with abstracts in Microsoft Word format. Submissions can be sent to We will accept hard copies for review, but if the article passes the initial editorial review, a Microsoft Word document will be required to proceed to the peer-review process.

Abstracts should be fewer than 250 words, and if it is submitted along with the full manuscript, the abstract should be included on the first page of the document. Manuscripts must be accompanied by an abstract.

Articles should be a maximum of 12,000 words. Longer articles should be edited down before submission or broken up and submitted as a series.

Note: All articles must be edited, thoroughly proofed, and conformed to our style guidelines before submission.


The Journal of the Free Grace Alliance accepts a wide range of topics including, but not limited to: Biblical Theology, Systematic Theology, Missiology, Pastoral Theology, Biblical Linguistics, and Counseling. Articles do not need to be about soteriology. Articles should work toward advancing the development of Free Grace Theology or helping those who are ministering from a Free Grace perspective to be more effective in ministry.

Complete Submission Guidelines