Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the Free Grace Alliance (FGA) different from other organizations? There are a variety of organizations which promote evangelism, discipleship, and various theological viewpoints. The FGA is seeking to unite leaders, churches, and organizations which affirm the gospel of grace. The structure of the Alliance is such that the membership owns the organization through shared leadership. We at FGA want to CONNECT, ENCOURAGE and EQUIP free grace leaders, churches, and strategize together about how to unite and promote grace to our needy world. The FGA encourages its members to belong to any organizations or churches they want to which are a match within their own doctrinal convictions. All are welcomed to belong to the FGA if they affirm our covenant; there are no restrictions on membership in other organizations as a member of the Free Grace Alliance.

2. Is the FGA Covenant different than the Doctrinal Statement? YES. The FGA COVENANT is for membership and interaction among ourselves. It is not designed to explain all aspects of a theology. Instead, it is for the purpose of helping us clarify who all can align themselves with us and our purpose to CONNECT and ENCOURAGE free grace leaders. Specifically, it is designed sequentially; so understanding point number 1 precedes appreciating the addition or clarification of point number 2, etc. Since the membership “owns the organization,” the Beliefs Covenant may be changed by the procedures outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws. The only question one need ask as he reads the Covenant is, “Do I agree with this point?”

3. What is the FGA’s view on repentance or other doctrines? As stated previously, the only requirement for membership is the Covenant itself. If it is not in the Covenant, then the question is open for discussion. The FGA is within the historical Christian faith, so traditional errors regarding the trinity, deity of Christ, etc., will probably be avoided in our discussions.