And a Good Time Was Had By All!

Three speakers talking free grace and discipleship; 70+ people in attendance; great facilities; delicious lunch. And it didn't hurt that a bald eagle flew over us as I was standing in the parking lot after the conference! The leadership of Lacey Chapel did an outstanding job hosting an FGA regional conference recently (April 30th) in Lacey, WA (although I don't think they are directly responsible for the eagle).
What is Lordship salvation? What is the difference between "salvation" truth and "discipleship" truth? What is the true cost of discipleship? How can we "do" discipleship? Drs. Jack Lewis (of Moody Bible Institute, Spokane, WA), Charlie Bing (GraceLife Ministries, Burleson, Texas), and Roger Fankhauser (Burleson Bible Church, Burleson, TX) each spoke, followed by an intriguing Q&A! By the end of the day, those who already held a free grace view were encouraged, and those who did not hold a free grace view heard a solid explanation of what free grace is all about. It's hard to believe so many good things could be packed into one day!
Of course, it is almost impossible to describe a day like this. There is something about being there, in person, that adds so much more. To those who attended the conference, or knew about the conference and prayed for the day, thanks!

For those who could not attend, look for one in your region. Can't find one? maybe you can be the coordinator! We have guidelines to help you set one up. Contact Charlie Bing, the FGA coordinator for regional conferences, for more information (!