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The mission of the Free Grace Alliance is to connect, encourage  and equip  the body of Christ to advance the grace message throughout the world.
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Bewitched-The Rise of Neo-Galatianism

Dave Anderson


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Learning from the Failure of a Leader (Tullian Tchividjian)

The fallout of Tullian Tchividjian's admission of an "inappropriate relationship" will sweep broadly through the Christian community.

First, how does it impact the message of Free Grace? I'll call Tchividjian "Free-Grace-ish," as he seems to have moved substantially towards a free grace position, but may not be fully free-grace. His views recently led to a separation between him and the Gospel Coalition, as explained by Tim Keller and Don Carson:

It was obvious to observers that for some time there has been an increasingly strident debate going on around the issue of sanctification. The differences were doctrinal and probably even more matters of pastoral practice and wisdom. 1

So, reformed theologians already have their eyes on him. As I write this, I have yet to see any article by a prominent reformed writer which connects his fall with "antinomianism" or his free-grace-ish views. I hope that trend continues. But it would not surprise me if rocks are thrown connecting his doctrinal convictions and this issue. A well-known Lordship author wrote some years ago when a Free-Grace pastor he knew fell to sexual immorality:

 Was his theology an accommodation to his sinful lifestyle?  It surely might have been. This much is certain:  No-lordship theology [aka, Free Grace] would have a soothing effect on a professing Christian trying to rationalize their long-term immorality... Certainly preaching that constantly touts 'grace' but never features law could help someone like that find comfort while sinning.2   ...Continue Reading




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